Hut hikes with children: routes

Do you feel like planning a hut hike with your children, but don’t know where to start? And do you perhaps wonder what is realistic in terms of safety? Look no further, the hut hikes mentioned below are suitable for children as young as 6/7 years old. Our daughter was 7 when we did these hikes. An explanation of the walking levels and more information about preparing a hut hike can be found here. You can find more routes on our new website: Come and take a look!

The first 4 hikes as mentioned below we have done in the summer of 2020. You can find our travel blog here.

Five-day hut hike around the Sulzfluh in the Montafon – Austria:
Day 1: Gondola from Latschau to Golmerbahn Bergstation (1890 m) – hike to Lindauerhütte (1744 m) – 5,2 km, 2:00, ↑ 120 m, ↓ 260 m, level: T1/2. Easy hike on a beautiful mountain trail.
Day 2: Lindauerhütte to Tilisunahütte (2211 m) – 5 km, 4:00, ↑ 810 m, ↓ 330 m, level: T2/3. A challenging hike that starts with a descent followed by a steep ascent of 800 meters. The last part of the ascent – the Birkengrat – is a bit difficult for people with fear of heights. The first 50 meters have cables, but after that there is a steep part of about 100 meters without cables. Stijn was having a hard time here. The children and I found it quite manageable.
Day 3: Extra night in the Tilisunahütte. Hike to the top of the Sulzfluh (2.818 m) – 4:00 – 650 m ↓ and ↑ , level T2/3. This is a beautiful hike on high altitude terrain, on a lunar landscape. The final part to the top is very icy and steep, we skipped this part.
Day 4: From the Tilisunahütte across the Swiss border to the Carschinahütte (2236 m) – 6,4 km, 4:00, 400 m ↓ en ↑, level: T2/3.
Day 5: Carschinahütte – Lindauerhütte – middle station Golmerbahn – 12 km, 5:30, ↑ 500 m, ↓ 1200 m, level: T2/3. It’s a small climb from the Carschinahütte to the Drusentor. At this point you will have a magnificent view. From here it’s steep downhill to the Lindauerhütte. The first part of the descent is tricky, with lot’s of loose stones.
From the Lindauerhütte you will have several options. You can hike to the top station, middle station and ground level station of the Golmerbahn.

Good to know:
– Drinking water is available in both huts.
– Lunch packets can be pre-ordered (the night before) in both huts (€5 – €7,50 pp).
– In the Lindauerhütte you can pay by card, the Tilisunahütte and Carschinahütte are cash only.
– In the Lindauerhütte there is no Wi-Fi and no mobile phone coverage. The Tilisunahütte has wifi. The Carschinahütte has no Wi-Fi, but there’s 4G.
– Swimming is possible at the Tilisunasee and Partnunsee (nice and cold!)
– In Latschau there is ample parking space ate the gondola (Golmerbahn) – free of charge.

Three-day hut hike from Neustift im Stubaital in Austria:
Day 1: Take the gondola from Gamsgarten talstation to the Dresdner Hütte (2308 m) – the same day take the gondola to Top of Tyrol (3210 m). At top of Tirol you can hike to the Hildesheimer Hütte (2899 m – 2 hours out and back), partly over a snow field. The last gondola back to the Dresdner Hütte departs around 16:00, so don’t start too late in the afternoon.
Day 2: Dresdner Hütte – Sulzenauhütte (2191 m) – 5 km, 4:00,  600 m, ↓ 500 m, level T3. This is a spectacular hike, over the Peiljoch and along the glacial lake Sulzenausee. The hike starts with a tough climb. Approximately 100 meters below the Peiljoch is a steep stretch equipped with cables. Not very suitable for people with fear of heights. The descent from the Peiljoch along the Sulzenausee and the Sulzenauferner is overwhelmingly beautiful. This descent is steep, but manageable. From the Sulzenausee you can ascend to the Blaue Lacke (via a snow field, which we have skipped). The Blaue Lacke is also easily accessible from the Sulzenauhütte.
Day 3: Sulzenauhütte to Gamsgarten talstation (1750 m) – 7 km, 2:30, ↑ 200 m, ↓ 800 m, level T2/T3. A beautiful and fairly easy descent over the Sulzenaualm to Mutterberg. The last part runs along the river.

Good to know:
– Drinking water is available in both huts.
– Lunch packets can be pre-ordered (the night before) in both huts (€5 – €6 pp).
– The Dresdnerhütte has Wi-Fi. The Sulzenauhütte does not have Wi-Fi, but there is mobile phone coverage uphill just outside the hut (near the flag).
– In the Dresdnerhütte you can pay by card, the Sulzenauhütte is cash only.
– Swimming is possible in the Blaue Lacke near the Sulzenauhütte.
– You can take the Gamsgartenbahn or the Eisgratbahn to the Dresdnerhütte, in Mutterberg. They are close together (walking distance).
– There is ample parking space at the Gamsgartenbahn and Eisgratbahn, free of charge.

Three-day hut hike in the Dolomites in Italy around the Drei Zinnen:
This is a relatively easy hike that is nevertheless very high up in the mountains and is extremely spectacular. The level is T1/T2, with an occasional small piece of T3. The paths are generally wide and easy. The part to the Büllelejochhütte is a bit more challenging and a lot steeper, but very rewarding. Because the Büllelejochhütte was not available, we slept the first night in the Lavaredohütte. This is an hour’s walk from the Auronzohütte. The huts are all quite close to each other and the hiking days can easily be shortened or extended.
Day 1: Park at the Auronzohütte (Rifugio Auronzo – 2333 m) en hike via the Lavaredohütte (Rifugio Lavaredo) to the Büllelejochhütte (Rifugio Pian di Cengia – 2528 m). 5,6 km, 3:00,  450 m,  250 m
Day 2: Hike from the Büllelejochhütte to the Dreizinnenhütte (Rifugio Antonio Locatelli – 2405 m) and hike around the Drie Zinnen. Sleep at the Dreizinnenhütte. 8,4 km 4:30,  400 m,  525 m.
Day 3: Hike back from the Dreizinnenhütte to the Auronzohütte , 4 km, 1:30,  80 m,  200 m.

Good to know:
– All huts have drinking water.
– None of the huts have Wi-Fi. There virtually no mobile phone coverage in this area.
– All huts are cash only.
– There ample parking space at the Auronzohütte (at 2300 m). It’s expensive (€30 for the first 24 hours, €15 for every executive 24 hours), but well worth it and very convenient.

Two-day hike to the Bächlitalhütte in Gutannen, Switzerland
Not a multiday hike, but this one is so beautiful it deserves to be in the spotlight.
Day 1: from Räterichtsbodensee (1.767 m) to the Bächlitalhütte (2328 m) – 4:00, 5 km, ↑ 600 m T2. On day 2 return the same way (in approx. 3 hours).
A beautiful and scenically diverse route from a reservoir. You will ascend 400 meters quite steeply, then walk relatively flat next to a beautiful glacier river. After a small stretch of climbing you will reach the Bächlisboden, a spectacular large plain with a glacier river. High up on the hill you can already see the Bächlitalhütte, which you will reach after 200 meters of steep ascent. The climbing is not technically difficult, but is quite tough. The descent was a real attack on our not yet well trained legs.

Good to know:
– There’s no drinking water at the hut, so bring your own or pay the price. Drinking water is €12 per 1,5 liter bottle at the Bachlitalhütte.
– Cash only.
– No Wi-Fi and no cellular reach.
– Parking at the Räterichsbodensee is possible, but difficult. There is limited parking space along the busy road, so don’t arrive at the middle of the day in summer.

Six-day hut hike from Lauterbrunnen to Kandersteg in Switzerland
Level T2/T3
Day 1: Take the gondola from Lauterbrunnen to Grutschalp. Hike from Grutschalp to Isenfluh – 4,4 km, 1:30,  405 m – level T2. Then take the gondola from Isenfluh to Sulwald Stübli and hike on to the Lobhornhütte (1955m) – 2,7 km, 1:30,  435 m – level T2
Day 2: Hike from the Lobhornhütte to the Schilthorn gondola in Mürren – 12,5 km, 4:30,  465 m,  780 m. Take the gondola to Birg (2684). Walk down to the Schilthornhütte (2432 m) – 2,5 km, 1:00,  270 m.
Day 3: Hike from the Schilthornhütte to station Birg. Take the gondola to Piz Gloria (2973 m). Take the gondola back to Birg and hike to the Rotstockhütte (2040m) – 7 km, 3:00,  270 m,  660 m – levelT3
Day 4: Rotstockhütte (2040m) – Gspaltenhornhütte (2455m) – 6,6 km, 5:30,  950 m,  560 m – via the Sefinafurgga (2612m) – level T3, with some ladders and cables at the Sefinafurgga.
Day 5: Gspaltenhornhütte (2455m) – Blümlisalphütte (2834 m) – 7 km, 6:00,  1000 m,  600 m – T3
Day 6: Blümlisalphütte (2834 m) to bergstation Oeschinensee (1682m) – 7,6 km, 4:00,  1250 m,  100 m – T3 . Take the gondola down to Kandersteg and take the train back to Lauterbrunnen (2 hours).

Four to six-day hut hike in the Virgental in Austria:
Level T2/T3.
Day 1: From Parkplatz Ströden (1450 m) to the Essener- und Rostocker hütte (2.208m): 5,5 km, 4:00, ↑ 800 m.
Day 2: Essener- und Rostocker hütte (2.208m) – Johannishütte (2.121 m): 7,6 km, 4:00,  570 m,  670 m.
Day 3: Johannishütte – Eisseehütte (2421m): 2:30, 5,5 km,  400 m,  450 m.
Day 4: Eisseehutte – Bonn Matreier hütte (2750m): 7 km, 4:00,  600 m,  350 m.
Day 5: Bonn Matreier hütte (2750) – Niljochhütte. 5 km, 3:00,  250 m,  1000 m.
Day 6: From Niljochhütte to Prägraten (2:00,  650 m) or parkplatz Bodenalm/Wallhorn (1680 m): 1:00,  300 m.
Alternative finish at day 4: Johannishütte to Parkplatz Ströden (1450m): 7,7 km, 3:00,  50 m,  750 m.
Alternative finish at day 5: Bonn Matreier hütte to Parkplatz Bodenalm/Wallhorn (1680m): 5 km, 2:30, 100 m 1150 m. Take the Venediger taxi to Parkplatz Ströden. Or hike from the Bonn Matreier hütte to Prägraten: 7,7 km, 3:30, 100 m, 1535 m

Four-day alternative:
Level T2/T3.
Day 1: From Parkplatz Bodenalm/Wallhorn (1680 m) to Jausenstation Bodenalm (1960 m) and on to the Neue Sajathutte (2573 m): 6,3 km, 4:00, ↑ 880 m.
Day 2: Neue Sajathutte ( 2573 m) – Eisseehütte (2521 m): 4:00, 5,5 km,  400 m,  450 m.
Day 3: Eisseehütte (2521 m) – Bonn Matreier hütte (2745 m): 7 km, 4:00, ↑ 600 m, ↓ 350 m.
Day 4: Bonn Matreier hütte (2745 m) naar Parkplatz Bodenalm/Wallhorn (1680 m): 3:00,  100 m,  1150 m.

Five-day hut hike from Schladming in Austria:
Day 1: Take a bus from Schladming to Parkplatz Ursprungalm (1610 m) – hike to the Ignaz-Mattishütte (1986 m) and continue to the Fahrlechhütte (1648 m) – 8,2 km, 4:30, 8,1 km, ↑ 550 m, ↓ 500 m, level: T2
Day 2: Fahrlechhütte to the Keinprechthütte (1850 m) – 4,5 km, 2:00  ↑ 370 m, ↓ 150 m, level T2. From the Keinprechthütte to the Landawirseehütte (1985 m): 4,5 km, 2:30 ↑ 420 m, ↓ 310 m. Level: T2
Day 3: Keinprechthütte – Gollinghütte (1641): 5.3 km, 3:30, ↑ 500 m, ↓ 850 m. Level T2
Day 4: Gollinghütte – Preintalerhütte (1657 m) – 11,4 km, 4:30-5:00, ↑ 600 m, ↓ 600 m. Level T2
Day 5: Preintalerhütte – Parkplatz Riesachfälle: 6,2 km, 2:00,  600 m. Take the ‘Wanderbus’ back to Schladming. Level T1/T2

Three-day alternative:
Day 1: Start on Parkplatz Ursprungalm (1610 m) – hike to the Ignaz-Mattishütte (1986 m) and continue to the Fahrlechhütte (1648 m) – 8,2 km, 4:30, 8,1 km, ↑ 550 m, ↓ 500 m, level T2
Day 2: Hike from the Fahrlechhütte (1648 m) to the Keinprechthütte (1850 m) and on to the Ignaz Mattis-hütte (1986 m) – 10.6 km, 6:00  ↑ 1050 m, ↓ 720 m, level T2
Day 3: From the Ignaz-Mattishütte back to Parkplatz Ursprungalm – 3,5 km, 1:00  400 m, level T1/T2